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Cardboard & Paper

Paper and cardboard are among the easiest products to recycle. By maximising our reuse of these materials we can all reduce the number of trees being felled for new products and save on landfill.


Some common items that can be recycled include aluminium cans, guttering, roof sheeting, colourbond fencing, car parts, tools, kitchen utensils, steel beams, metal pipes, and much more…

Plastics & Glass

Glass items such as bottles and jars are very easy to recycle. Plastics are harder to recycle but they are a real hazard to the environment which is all the more reason to ensure that these items are sent to professionals for recycling.

Electrical Goods

We can take your old electrical items including white goods, computers, TV’s, and other appliances. Not only are many of the parts recyclable, these items can contain hidden toxins such as mercury and lead which should not be dumped and allowed to leach into the ground.

General Waste

We also handle general waste in addition to recyclable items. As with all types of waste we collect, our general waste collection works on an ‘as needed’ basis meaning you aren’t paying for unnecessary collections giving you maximum efficiency and allowing you to monitor and control waste disposal costs.

Document Shredding

Meet your privacy obligations with a lockable bin. Once collected, your sensitive information is destroyed as soon as possible with minimal risk of accidental loss in transit as our shredder is right here in Bundaberg – you can even witness the destruction if you choose. Upon completion we issue a Certificate of Destruction.

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